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Written by VP   
Wednesday, 30 July 2014 15:56
We should know about how important is having a will in Spain in case of people national of other countries when they have property in Spain as it can be a house, and being or not residents in Spain.
Making a will in Spain will protect the rights of the family members and heirs and gets easier the way to claim an inheritance in Spain by reducing costs and paperwork, by a citizen of another country. In fact, the process is much more complex and expensive if there is no Spanish Will produced, because claiming an intestate inheritance in Spain or one produced in the country of origin with respect to the property in Spain requires a large amount of time, money and documents that will be affecting directly the heirs.

A national of another country shall be attached to his personal law if is specified in the Spanish will, that is, the country of his/her nationality. Depending on the country and its law relating to inheritance, may appear important differences.
While in some countries like Spain , there are limitations to the obligation to test a part of the inheritance to one's descendants , other countries like United Kingdom or Russia there is freedom for the testator in which the person may have his inheritance by appointing as heirs to those person chosen without restrictions or very little restrictions. This will made in Spain will be added to the Register of Last Wills, and will be valid and accessible by the Spanish authorities, notaries and organizations facilitating the procedure of claiming for the inheritance.
As for the taxation of claiming an inheritance, the inheritance tax is delegated to the Spanish Regions so in each region varies the existing tax law, exemptions and tax rates as they are different from each other.

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