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We remind you that the 2012 REPORT of ASSETS ABROAD (720 form) has to be submitted by Tuesday, April 30th.

Quartely taxes

Dear clients,

Be informed that the deadline to submit the quartely taxes is Monday, April 22nd.

In case that you have any question do not hesitate in contact us.

Best regards.


Measures to support entrepreneurs and stimulate economic growth and job creation
The Council of Ministers approved a Royal Decree on measures to support entrepreneurship and spur growth in several areas including the following:
A)  1. Measures to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment of young people:
·        - It sets a fix fee of fifty euros in Social Security contributions for new self-employed people under thirty years old, for the first six months.
·         - It allows unemployment benefits compatible with the starting of an activity as self-employed, for nine months to people under thirty years old .
Tickets are substituted by simplified invoices

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Dear client,

From January 1st the RD 1619/2012 law, establishes a new law for the invoices with an important change: tickets can not be produced by a professional or a company invoicing a client for a service. The tickets were being used in a massive way in some activities like bars, restaurants, bistros, motorways, etc. for justifying the selling of a service or product. From now on these are replaced by the simplified invoice (factura simplificada).

When a deal is 400 euros or lower, or when an amended invoice needs to be produced, then a simplified invoice (factura simplificada) can be the way to proceed. The limit is 3000 euros (IVA included) per invoice(factura) for the activities of bar, restaurant, disco, bistro, motorway among others. Operations above this limit require to be justified by a formal invoice including the clients fiscal details, etc.

The reporting obligation of the assets and rights abroad


From February 1st until April 30th tax residents in Spain are obliged to report on the following assets and rights abroad:

- Accounts in financial institutions located abroad.
- Securities, rights, insurance and annuities deposited, managed or obtained abroad.
- Real estate and real property rights of ownership located abroad.

Failure to comply with this reporting requirement tax offense qualifies as very serious. Infringement shall constitute the following conduct of the taxpayer:

- Failure to submit on time the proxy statement
- Submit information return incomplete, inaccurate or false data
- Submit the document by means other than electronic, computer and communication when required to do so would by such means.

The Act establishes a specific penalty regime for both absolute breach of the obligation to the late submission of the statement.

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For further information please contact to us.
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